Nurture Fridays

“Nurture Fridays” is one day out of the week reserved for taking care of you.  Writers should practice self-care regularly.

It should be deliberate and self-initiated.  When you take care of yourself, your wellspring of care will allow you to care for others. It is when you are depleted and run down that the writing slows down and potentially stops.  It is important to schedule in regular time to attend to the needs of your mind, body, and soul.

It is sometimes seen as selfish to care for oneself and will most likely be characterized as such if done in excess.  When self-care is practiced in a healthy manner, it benefits not only yourself but also those around you. Anyone can testify to witnessing a cranky, tired or hungry person.  The sudden reaction of the bystanders is to tend to those needs as quickly as possible. “Someone get that person a sandwich!” or “I do not have the capacity to speak to anyone until I have my first cup of coffee”, come to mind.  

In the process of caring for you, it is important not to let everything around you become about YOU.  On the other end of the spectrum of self-care are those who constantly focus on themselves.  They tend to write people off too quickly, claiming, “They will not tolerate such negativity.”  They also believe they deserve nothing but the best and have very high expectations of others. When too much self-care is practiced, people are less tolerant of others and inadvertently isolate themselves.  

People, who neglect taking care of their own needs, are at risk for deeper levels of unhappiness, bitterness, resentment and low self-esteem.  Healthy self-care involves caring for you when no one else will. It means to care for yourself without the expectation of someone else having to force you.  It also means that when you know you need help, not to reject it, claiming you can do it all on your own.

It is also important to recognize that in the quest of seeking out the latest bodily self-care methods that you tend to your mind and soul.  It is not always about the latest spa treatments or lazily swaying in a hammock with a cocktail in hand. Self-care not only refers to bodily or physical care of oneself, but also the care of the inner being.  

Self-pity is commonly used among people who feel they don’t deserve it.  When you pity yourself, you turn away any sort of help from others. Rejecting others will definitely harm them but it will harm you the most.  People will always find a way to carry on and live without you, but it will be you who suffers because you pushed them away.

In addition to taking care of yourself, it is highly critical to make healthy lifestyle choices that will not only have an impact on your life now but in the future as well.  They are not a one time pampering session but an overall frame of mind.

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