Traveling Thursdays

“Traveling Thursdays” is one day out of the week reserved for learning more about locations from around the world.

It is an opportunity to discover the history of hotels, resorts, and historical locations. It is a chance to understand how they came about and what led them to where they are now.

Travel has come a long way since the early Greeks and Romans would travel to their summer homes and villas for leisure.  Early travel was slower, more dangerous and posed many problems along the way. Nowadays, cultural and technological advances make it easier and more accessible than ever to get around by aircraft, boat or train.  

Travel can be so gratifying as it teaches you to accept other people’s way of life.  It broadens your perspective when you see people living differently than yourself. You learn to become grateful for what you have and appreciate those closest to you.  You are more willing to live in the moment when you see certain landmarks in person for the first time. You become more adventurous and independent when you realize you have no one to rely on but yourself and that you’re responsible for everything along the way.  

Although there are many cultures and ways of life all over the world, you will begin to see commonalities between all people such as the universal language of smile and music.  Kindness and hospitality become precious to a tired traveler. It is then that you begin to appreciate humanity and realize how blessed you are.

Whether traveling for recreation, vacation/holiday, business, charity or visiting family in different parts of the world, it is now more than ever encouraged by the tourism industry.  If precautionary measures are taken beforehand, traveling for any reason can be very exciting and rewarding.

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