Craft Your Wednesdays

“Craft Your Wednesdays” is one day out of the week reserved for the actual craft of writing.

It is a day to learn or study up on writing terms that will guide you along in your writing process.  Just as artisans use many tools and techniques to aid them in crafting the best possible work of art, writers and authors need the necessary tools of language and storytelling to craft their writing.

Writing has always been a primary basis of communication throughout the ages.  Whether it was a recount of history, record keeping or stories, writers have been doing it for centuries.  It is important to keep in mind that, although writing is meant to be fun and creative, there are still techniques to contend with.   

The misconception of some writers is that the writing will become robotic or forced.  The reality is that there is still plenty of room for the flow of creativity when properly executed.  Ideas pop up at the most inopportune times in our human minds and if we are to jot them down the way they arrive in our heads, we would be left with a colorfully scattered array of information that would confuse even the brightest of scholars.  Having structure ensures that related ideas and sections are linked in a cohesive manner and flow seamlessly.

Whether it is for film, Television, music, blog posts, essays or books, individual formatting structures apply.  Learning and executing these skills and techniques will only aid writers in being more productive. Once skills are mastered, the writer won’t even notice the structure, as it will be ingrained.  Now, the writer can express creativity freely.

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