Healing Tuesdays

“Healing Tuesdays” is one day out of the week reserved for zeroing in on the emotions that stall a writer from writing.

Those emotions stand in the way unless addressed and released in a healthy manner.  This is an above the surface look at many different emotions and issues that a writer experiences and in no way a diagnosis of individual problems. (Please consult a professional if in need of help.)

Often times, when a writer sits down to write but nothing flows, discouragement follows.  Without realizing what is causing the sudden pause, the writer now begins negative self-talk.  The frustrated writer regains composure and attempts again with lack of results. This pattern varies over different amounts of time for each individual writer.  

It’s important for a writer to then take a sizeable break to discover what might be causing the blockage.  A wide range of serious issues such as loss, grief, unemployment, illness, mid life crisis, and rejection often tend to contribute.   Sometimes, the issues can be small and if not addressed, cause major delays and roadblocks in moving forward.

It’s vital that upon discovery of any particular issue, that writers not get discouraged but realize that the issue will get resolved sooner or later, as it’s all part of the writing process.   Even though the expectation is to check things off the “to do list” and move quickly as in any other circumstance, for the writer it is quite the opposite. Even though writing is somewhat based on discipline and the actual craft, most of it is creatively intertwined with each individual writer’s emotional journey and expression methods.  

There is importance in addressing these issues immediately.  If neglected, they will emerge in other phases of the writing journey as a snowball effect; larger and more destructive.   If an illness is blocking you from thinking clearly and effectively, prioritize taking the necessary time to heal and rest.  If it’s an issue of unemployment, take a more realistic and traditional approach that will put food on the table before returning to writing.  If it’s a broken relationship, try writing about it by putting your feelings on paper. Whatever the issue that’s blocking you emotionally, it’s there for a reason and needs resolve.  

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