Rest & Relaxation Sundays

“R&R Sundays” is one day out of the week that is reserved for replenishing your soul based on your needs, whatever they may be.

This is a time to rest and practice gratitude. It’s a vital time to restore vigor to the body and release stress.  

Our minds and bodies were not made to constantly be in working mode, and if rest and relaxation are not practiced regularly, a writer can easily be prone to burnout both mentally and physically.  

Rest is required for everyone and is a time to recover strength and refresh the brain.  The majority of adults require between 7-8 hours of sleep each night. When our bodies are sleep deprived, the impact will be evident through poor concentration, impaired memory, reduced sociability; weight gain and symptoms of depression will begin to emerge.  

Relaxation is a state where you can feel calm and manage your stress or anxiety.  It is highly recommended for mental health and stability. It is a time when the body releases negative energy reducing symptoms of mental health conditions.  

There are many different ways to relax and they are different for everyone.  Some practice mindfulness while others like to clean. Decluttering, cooking, going on a simple walk, journaling, taking a short nap, listening to music or savoring a scent are just a few.  Sometimes unwinding means to focus on someone else. When you take the attention off yourself you are not only being a good friend but are de-stressing at the same time.

It is in the times when the mind is fully relaxed that we tend to be more creative and generate our best ideas.  So instead of walking past hundreds of story ideas in a hurried rush, you will be able to see several, because of your creative state.  As William S. Burroughs quotes “Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”

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