Catch a Sunrise & Sunset on the Same Day

If you’ve maxed out your adventure list and are still looking for something spontaneous to try out, try catching an early morning sunrise and top it off with a sunset, all on the same day.

Whether alone or with someone, experiencing both a sunrise and a sunset on the same day will change your perspective about life.

Sunrise is a magnificent time of day when the awakening of the planet, birds, trees and wildlife takes place. Being alone or with a loved one at the beach, mountains or desert brings about an emotional experience of both gratitude and healing. The offer of being alive on yet another brand new day prioritizes values.

Once the sun is up, you are free to explore and carry on about your day doing things that bring you joy. Maybe you like exploring new locations, catching up with a friend over lunch, exercising or learning about history, whatever you decide to fill your day with, do it with authenticity and presence. Those who live in the moment tend to be happier, calmer and more relaxed and appreciative of life.

Plan your itinerary. Before the big day, search for locations and times where the sun rises and sets. Be sure to check the weather in order of maximizing your experience without getting stuck in inclement weather. Rent a scooter, drive a car, or think of creative means of transportation for a more memorable day. Make sure to grab some cash and a camera for the adventures along the way.

Learn along your route. Visit places of interest. Stop at interesting spots and allow your curiosity to lead the way. So many discoveries happen when things aren’t planned. Ask questions and make connections with new people along the way.

Fatigue might be settling in by now. Taking a short nap or pushing through is up to you. The day may seem longer and perhaps it is because of all the hours you’ve been awake.

Once you find the perfect spot for a sunset, enjoy it as much as you can. Maintain a balance of being present and capturing the moment. Pictures are incredible tools for remembering a moment but may come at a cost of missing out on other details; the sights, the smells, the feeling you get while in that moment. You’ve been granted a special opportunity to experience a beautiful sunset, why not take it in with your own two eyes?

As the sun disappears from view and you begin feeling the crispness in the air, try capturing the days’ experiences by writing in a journal. Write down as much as you can remember about the happenings, the feelings you felt, or come up with creative stories to write about later. By journaling, you are improving your ability to make small and large decisions along the way.

Adventures should be remarkable and worthy of being talked about. Personal growth is a continual ongoing process of understanding and developing yourself to achieve your fullest potential. As long as your personal growth is a result of continual effort to improve yourself, intellectually, morally and physically, you’ve had a successful day.

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