While yachting seems enticing, glamorous and acts as an ego boost, for the crew onboard it is a different story.  The crew often has to put aside their own values in order to make guests happy. They often have to turn a blind eye and question where their own values stand, when they are an accomplice to certain requests.  The staff has to be prepared to deal with any request, from the immoral to the outrageous; the privileged won’t take no for an answer.

Brooke Laughton, from the show Below Deck by Bravo, says “In some types of people, they feel like it gives them a license to be a jerk.  That whole thing where the staff can’t say no [because] you’re paying a lot. The boats that we use [on ‘Below Deck’], 150-foot yachts, cost $150,000 a week.  To even feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, you have to be demanding.”

Here are some of the most outrageous yachting requests various crewmembers from around the world have received from on-board guests.

“A guest once requested live baby octopus; literally serving a squirming bowl of octopus. You eat it with chopsticks, put it in your mouth and swallow it whole. That was bizarre!”

“I was once woken at 3am and asked for an out-of-season papaya. The guest wanted both the seeds and fruit for their holistic skin regime.”

“I remember once we had to travel hundreds of miles to go to some small volcanic island because the owner’s wife had asked for “black sand”.  Once we arrived, she didn’t even go on the beach, but just sent a crewmember with a jar to collect some, but then she left it on the boat when she left.  It was really odd.”

“I was doing a charter in St. Barths and the primary charterer requested: ‘Can we convert one of the suites into a gym with state-of-the-art equipment?’ After a scramble, a lot of phone calls and about $60,000, the gym equipment was delivered and set up. But not once during the entire charter did a single guest use it. Instead, they got drunk and smoked cigars. When they left we were due to pick up another charter in 24 hours, so we put all the unused gym equipment on the dock with a “free” sign.”

“We were in St. Barths and the guests had to have bagels from Zabar’s in New York for the next day. We did it. We got a private jet and flew them in: the pilots taxied them to us.”

“I once had a guest who wanted cucumber cubes cut to exactly 10 millimeters for breakfast. I had to use a ruler to ensure they were accurate.”

“One of the craziest requests I had was when I was working as a stewardess on a charter. The Mrs was the type who would ask for ridiculous stuff just to see if we could do it. We were anchored in the middle of nowhere in the Caribbean and it was already the middle of the afternoon. We had these huge vases in the main saloon and she said: ‘I want these full of 500 white roses and I want white roses everywhere by dinner.’

“I had to first source that many roses, which I found in Miami, then had to hire a private plane to get them to the Caribbean, then a seaplane to land next to the yacht. Then, of course, I had to get them on board and have them ready by dinner. I did it and she loved it, but as soon as dinner was over, she said: ‘Get rid of them. You can throw them overboard if you want.’ I couldn’t bear to do it! So I took them down below and the crew mess and cabins were full of white roses for a week! I couldn’t believe how much it cost, probably close to $100,000 between flights and hundreds of white roses.”

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