Adventure Saturdays

“Adventure Saturdays” is one day out of the week that is reserved for developing yourself and pushing your current limits of knowledge and new experiences.

It is a day when you can be inspired to try something new which will help shape your character to be the best possible version of yourself.

As writers, we write about what we know.  Sometimes, that’s limited. It’s important to constantly add to our knowledge on a regular basis.  It’s vital to have an adventurous and curious spirit and intentionally seek out new experiences. By filling up the experiences bucket regularly, a new perspective will begin to emerge.  The more new things you attempt, the more the mind expands.

On the path of trying new things, you will begin to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  That self-awareness can actually increase your productivity. You will be able to write new material, form different sets of perspectives and produce higher quality work.   By constantly pushing yourself to improve and be the best version you can be will give you confidence and motivation to achieve even more.

As you begin to feel more motivated to be a better version of yourself, you will begin developing new skills.  These new skills will ultimately shape your character. The experiences will not always be positive, but as long as you can glean a lesson from those occurrences and remain humble, you will attract new opportunities. Your unique perspective will be something worth writing about!

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